This Is Not a Kitten Blog

This is not going to become a kitten blog. No. Well, this blog is about me and my life, and Baptiste and Mercy are a part of my life, so I guess it’s natural they pop up here. And shit, this is my first week of owning them. Or, should I say more appropriately, this is their first week in owning me. Here are my used phrases:

  • “You are such a silly kitty.”
  • “Why are you clawing my chair?”
  • “Food time!”

When I first brought them home Saturday, they were anxious and just wanted to hide. Although they started exploring more, they were still anxious about things. Baptiste was growling and hissing at his sister Mercy, something their fosters didn’t mention at all. But by Monday, Baptiste (aka, Bubula, aka Bubba) had fully gotten at ease and stopped growling and hissing. Mercy (aka Mamala, aka Mimos) is still wary of me but has stopped running in fear at the sight of me. She has started to play fight with her brother now. I forget what it’s like learning about cats’ personalities, and it’s so much fun seeing them open up.

Mercy got tired of hearing Baptiste snore, so she decided to sleep on top of him.

So besides trying to keep these two beings entertained, fulfilled, and most importantly alive, it’s been a busy time at work. As much as I vowed to not be a meeting person, the weight of responsibility and mouse ears have made me renege on the promise which makes me sad. We’re only week 2 into the new year and transition, so we’ll see how it proceeds.