Montana Part Trois: What the Fuck Am I Doing?

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I don’t know why I’m having a hard time writing this. But here I am over half a month after I returned from this trip to Montana still trying to write this.

Knowing I’m not moving out to these parts thanks to the “hybrid workplace model,” I guess this was a mourning? I don’t know. I really like it out here. I love the wide open spaces. I love the friendliness of the people. And hell, even with finally getting able to experience the cold weather and the snow, I really liked the weather too!

An afternoon walk around my AirBnB neighborhood in Whitefish, MT.

I was really stupid though — I left my National Parks Pass at home, so I didn’t go to Glacier National Park yet again. Ugh. One of these days I will get there. But being around the charming town of Whitefish, walking around the trails by my AirBnB despite temperatures hovering around 0F (-18C), it just brought a lot of peace. Although I wasn’t as isolated as I wanted, there was still enough solitude for me.

Even when I went down to Missoula where I had to put in a couple of days in the office, it was still a wonderful place to be. It was there where I pulled the trigger to adopt Mercy and Baptiste.

Looking towards the hills from Downtown Missoula.

Headed back home was the first time I had a delay that caused me to miss a connection. My flight was late leaving Billings because they were understaffed, so once I got to Minneapolis I had to figure out my shit. Fortunately Delta had already rescheduled me and took care of everything so it was as hassle free as possible. Instead of heading to LA from Minny, I had to go to Detroit first then to LA. So that day my foot was on the ground in every time zone of the contiguous US, and I was just starting to land when 2022 hit.

A couple of weeks later, I’m now planning my vacations for the year. I’m hoping that we can get our acts together and have international travel back. I have a couple of ideas of where I want to go.