Capital is Dead Labor

I’ve been meaning to write a summary of my time and travels through Montana during the last week of December. A couple of things have prevent me from doing this:

  • Work: We are going through a complete transition to a different system, and at the same time I have received a promotion. The transition went live this past week, so it’s been busier than a motherfucker. It also forced me to work the couple of days I was in Missoula at the end of December right before New Years.
  • Exhaustion: Since coming back from Montana and the added responsibilities being heaped on me, I haven’t been adjusting that well to it. So I am just really fucking tired. Like last night, I just crashed after I logged off for the week at 5 pm, woke up for dinner at 8 then crashed again at 11.

Eh. I’ll get my act together.

Meanwhile I just picked up my babies. I would show pictures, but they are hiding right now. It’s a big scary unfamiliar place for them, so they’ll come out when they get more comfortable. The food is out, the water fountain is flowing, the litter is all set up, the toys are scattered, so everything is ready for them.