I’ll Be Your Daddy

I hinted at this on Facebook the other day, but I will now be a cat dad to two four-month old kittens Baptiste and Mercy. Baptiste is the one in front and the bigger people-pleaser of the two while Mercy is the shy one. I did get to play with Baptiste the other day and tired him out with cat toys. Mercy decided she was going to hide behind the washing machine, so I didn’t get to meet her. But damn if I didn’t fell in love with Baptiste.

I went through Kitten Rescue Los Angeles to get them and was looking for a pair to adopt so they can keep each other company if I go out. After meeting them Sunday and doing a house inspection via Zoom today, I’ll be bringing them home on Friday!

The good thing is they have been spayed/neutered, are microchipped and have their shots/vaccinations. The only thing I have to do is decide whether to change their names. I’ll probably keep Baptiste’s name, but I’ll probably change Mercy’s name. Old Roomie Rey will know why I’m taken by them since they bear a striking resemblance to Kiko: