2021: In Limbo?

Thanks to staffing woes at the Billings airport on Friday, it took an hour for the luggage to get loaded onto the plane. Add the extra time for de-icing, it completely messed with my travel day. It was supposed to be BIL-MSP-LAX where I landed in LA by 5:30. Instead it was BIL-MSP-DTW-LAX where I landed in LA at 12:15 a.m. 1/1. Fortunately Delta took care of all of the rebookings by the time I landed in Minneapolis, so there were no headaches there fortunately. I mean, I did have my feet on the ground in all the time zones in the continental US, so I guess that is something. Anyhow, let’s just say I’m tired and don’t really have the desire to think too hard about the year that was.

+ Despite not traveling internationally, I did go to: Montana twice (January and just this past week); Baton Rouge/New Orleans; Minnesota/Wisconsin/Michigan; California Central Coast; Death Valley.

– After being teased about being able to move out of state thanks to being permanently working from home, was told that a hybrid working model was desired. So after thinking about moving to Wyoming or Montana has now been killed.

+ Went on a slutty rampage. Well, slutty for me since I never was all that slutty to begin with (despite my intentions.)

+ Kept improving my finances. This all goes to the realization that I probably won’t die any time soon, so now I guess all of the adulting shit I have needed to do I must do now. As much as I loathe the system, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be dismantled any time soon. So here’s me trying to play the game.

I guess all in all it wasn’t a bad year for me.

Although I am trying to play things off as cool and detached and say that I’m merely hoping that 2022 will maybe be a better year, I am actually looking forward to this year. We’ll see what happens.