Almost Normal?

Actually, who knows what normal is anymore? What did make it seem normal was going out last Thursday and Friday nights for dinner with friends. But now that I think about it, is that really normal for me? Before the pandemic, I was living in San Pedro in what was isolation not unlike how I lived through the pandemic. I guess when I was living in Los Feliz I was a lot more social, but I was also in my late 20s and early 30s.

Thursday I went to DAMA in the Fashion District with Yuko where we had Mexican-style tapas and hung out for three hours. It was nice catching up with her, gabbing about what we did during the pandemic, what we’re planning on doing, our neuroses, chemical imbalances and intakes. And the food was quite remarkable between the empanadas, the pork shank and the deep fried fluffernutter.

Guacamole and Empanadas
Almost finished pork shank

Then Friday it was off to El Cholo in Pasadena to see Angie who was visiting from North Carolina, Ben and Catherine. It was another few hours of gabbing and catching up, drinking margaritas and putting each other down.

Me, Catherine, Angie and Ben up to hijinks.

Missing out on being able to do this certainly made this particular heart grow fonder — now that we are able to go out to dinner and hang out, I certainly want to do these things. I guess during the pandemic a lot of us learned that we can’t take each day for granted. I know: deeeeeeeeep.

Well since this is Memorial Day weekend, let’s see what shenanigans I get up to. Follow this space.