Done with COVID

On Wednesday I received my second Moderna vaccine dose where upon I felt oh so slightly fatigued and out of it, but nowhere near as nauseatingly awful as I did after the first dose. I know in reality I still have two more weeks before I can say I’m fully vaccinated, but symbolically at least I can say I am done. Well, except for the booster shots I’ll need in a year or so or whatever and every year thereafter. And the masks I will still need to wear until we reach some kind of herd immunity (which looks more and more unlikely because of stupid conspiracy-minded cunts not wanting to be vaccinated.) But at least for me the fear of catching full blown COVID is done.

I will say that if what I experienced after the first dose was any indication of what COVID on a much smaller scale is like, then I’m glad I never got it. Now on to the orgies!

Actually, first thing on the list of to-dos was something that I’ve been thinking and talking about for a long time: getting my first tattoo. I figured at this stage of life is the best time to get permanently scarred, so I went and did got it done at Sang Bleu Los Angeles by Collin Gribbons. He did a wonderful job and was very meticulous about it. Here is the slightly blood-seeping aftermath of the tattoo:

First Tattoo

Those who know, know.

Being holed up for over a year taught me that I shouldn’t make excuses for not doing things. Since we aren’t guaranteed a tomorrow, fuck it. As long as it’s not harming the world, do it before it’s too late.

Okay, I’m ending my sanctimonious nonsense. Now to eat something since I have yet to do that today.