Goodbye Trump

Good riddance! What a dreadful four years in our country. We endured the following:

  • Muslim travel ban
  • Attempted revocation of the Affordable Care Act without an alternative healthcare plan
  • The rise of white supremacist groups with Charlottesville and the Insurrection at the Capitol as their lowlights
  • Collusion with Russia and attempted collusion with Ukraine for his own personal campaigns
  • Child separation policy
  • The attack on truth
  • Lying about COVID and absolving all Federal responsibility allowing over 400,000 people to die unnecessarily
  • Tax cuts for the rich
  • An economic crash not seen since 1929.
  • And a lot more.

I guess on paper I probably should have voted for Trump because personally I am doing better than I did four years ago. And I guess I should like tax breaks because it means I can spend more money on me me me (even though as well off as I am, I’m still not rich enough to be in tax bracket that gets all the breaks.) But seriously, if other people can’t survive what’s the point? What good is it for me to do well when the rest of society is in the tank?

So for the first time since the 1993 Clinton inauguration when I was first becoming politically aware, I watched today’s ceremonies. It felt like a much needed moment of therapy. And can we talk about native Angeleno Amanda Gorman who stole the show?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of Biden. He’s far too right wing for me, but anything is better than what we had. It will be refreshing to hear the truth every now and again.