Moving Again?

So after about one year of living in my apartment in Downtown LA, I’m moving. After staying in one place for about 10 years in San Pedro, I’m now going to be packing up my things and moving to a brand new place. I’ll be moving…

Down the hall and around the corner.

Yes, I’m not even moving floors. I’m just getting a bigger place with more closet space. So I’ll be going from 824 square feet to 1057 square feet, and instead of a courtyard view I’ll be facing the street. You know what that means: I’ll be flashing a lot more people.

As for leaving Los Angeles, I don’t think so. If you search on YouTube, you can see a whole list of whiny-ass bitches talk about leaving the city. For the most part, they were mere transplants to begin with, so goodbye! You were only clogging up our freeways and being the sort of person you bitch about in your videos: opportunistic social-ladder climbers with fake personalities and even faker bodies.

Being born here and having lived here since I was eight-years old (with a four-year escape to Santa Barbara,) what these people see in LA is not what I see in LA. LA is a tough place, sure. All big cities are tough. All big cities are expensive and overpriced. Where the fuck are you going to go? New York? Boston? Chicago? And don’t tell me Austin because it’s not even in the top 20 metropolitan areas in populations in the United States.

Most of these people need to admit it: they couldn’t handle living in a big city. They couldn’t make it in what they were hoping to make it in when they originally moved out here and decided it would be easier to live while working as a restaurant server in Nebraska than in Los Angeles.

Whatever. Watch me in a year move to Montana. HAHA!