Day 365

Exactly one year ago today we started to work from home. I had expected this to last only 3 months, six months tops. Yet here we are exactly one year later still working from home, but at least there is a little hope with the vaccines out. Here is everything that’s gone down in the last year:

  • I moved twice: the first 364 days ago from San Pedro to DTLA, and the second a month ago down the hall to a larger and brighter apartment.
  • My mom went missing again. Turned out she was stuck in Cuzco, Peru because of the pandemic.
  • Spent a month essentially in bed unable to do anything. Got on Lexapro and now feel a lot better.
  • Went on vacation to the middle of nowhere Montana twice because I needed a vacation but was afraid of the Covid — felt that was a good compromise.
  • Because I was mostly at home, there was no exposure to anyone else’s colds or flus or other ikky diseases, so no illnesses. The last time I was sick was when I caught the flu in Amsterdam/Brussels back in November 2019.
  • Spent way too much money on furniture and appliances. Really with all the cardboard boxes I amassed in the last year, I honestly could’ve had my own condo on the streets of LA.
  • No sex. My fucking virginity has grown back.

It sounds like I should be getting the vaccine pretty soon. I can’t wait to have people over in my apartment. I can’t wait to meet people in the bars, restaurants and events. I can’t wait to have tons of penises and other assorted goodies inserted into my anus and lots of seminal fluids all over my body whilst being a sweaty heaving mess.