Home Sweet Home

I got home Saturday night, and there was a strange feeling I had: I was so happy to be home.

When I lived in San Pedro, I did not love the place. It was cheap as all hell which is why I stayed there for as long as I did, but I did not love it even though it was the same apartment I grew up in. But as I stepped out the elevator, walked down the hall and through my door, I smiled and thought: I really love where I live.

Not to say this was a bad vacation. It was very peaceful and picturesque just as I expected. Perhaps the biggest disappointment was that the weather was too nice — I wanted to experience some bad Montana weather that would make my fingers fall off from frostbite. The highs got up to 40F, the lows dipped barely below freezing and there was maybe a little dusting of snow during the middle of one night.

I mean we did have a sloppy-ass coup attempt that occurred during my vacation which did bring things down a little. I don’t know.

Well now that the work week has gone on, life has returned as normal. Well, at least we have a three-day weekend.