Haunted When the Minutes Drag

Most days I wake up stupidly thinking and hoping that it will be a good day until minutes later realizing that this is life — MY life, after all — and reality crashes upon my illusions I become disheartened then go about the motions of getting through with my day.

But yesterday wasn’t like that. I woke up and instantly knew it was going to be a shit day.

Friday night, Madd texted me wanting to go to the Brewery Art Walk on Saturday. Since I know hours of ignoring the world and sitting on the couch watching reruns of Golden Girls, Roseanne and Mama’s Family on Logo is not the healthiest way of spending a weekend, I agreed to go.

But when I woke up on Saturday, I had no energy. I felt completely sapped and drained for some unknown reason. Later in the morning I asked Madd what time she wanted to meet up hoping that she would say her back was still bothering her and that she would cancel. Unfortunately she said she wanted to meet at 2. Alas.

I really was lying on the couch doing my best impression of The Grandmother, and just as I started to nod off I realized it was time to take off. Fuck. I put on clothes, and this is what I looked like:

We're in the Mirror Hypnotized and Haunted

By the time I reached Madd’s place, I was still drained. Much to my pleasure, Madd was also just as drained so we nixed the Art Walk. But I knew that it was Independent Bookstore Day or something contrived like that, so I did want to go out to Los Feliz to visit my favorite bookstore Skylight Books.

However on the way from Madd’s Mid-City apartment to Los Feliz, we passed by Kim’s Home Center in Koreatown and I realized I needed to get some home-things: drain catchers, a scrubby washcloth, some food storage containers. I did not buy these huge jumbo nipple clamps, though.

Giant Nipple Clamps

Then it was off to Skylight books where they had a veggie platter and cookie tray to celebrate this Independent Bookstore Day. There were quite a few people there, and I bought these books:

I bought some books.

A quick jaunt to En Sushi was in order since Madd was starving. She got a mango albacore poke bowl while I got the Hama roll (yellowtail, avacado, chives and cilantro) and some veggie tempura. Then back to Koreatown because we wanted to get red bean shaved ice as the sun was setting.

Then I remembered I should really buy a replacement to my four-year old Converses that are on its last legs. So off to the cheapy Warehouse Shoe Sale to get a pair of black pleather Converse hi-tops for under $50.

What a strange day in that it started out dreadful (in the most literal sense of the word — I was full of dread) and ended up being quite pleasant.