I never thought I would ever purchase SPAM. I never believed I would ever EVER willingly purchase this meat-ish I-have-no-idea-what-to-categorize-it.

But there I was out on Saturday with Catherine and company at the Pasadena Souplantation and then walking around Lake Ave. Then it hit me: I WANT KIMCHI FRIED RICE!!! WITH SPAM!!!!!! I went grocery shopping after leaving Pasadena, and in the canned meats section there I picked up a can of SPAM. I still can’t believe it.

On Sunday, I did make the kimchi fried rice with SPAM. And I made it again last night. I think SPAM just might become a semi-regular ingredient for me.

How did this happen? Is it because of I’m around Koreans all the time? Well, at least I’m not drinking instant coffee. Yet. Or going to church.