Another Road Trip?

I think I’ll be taking a road trip to Baton Rouge for Christmas. It’ll probably take me two days to get there, and I’ll probably spend three nights there. It looks like I’ll be checking in to my hotel in Baton Rouge on Christmas Day. Ain’t that a kick in the teeth?

In Louisiana I’ll definitely visit my dad’s and sister’s grave, head down to New Orleans to visit Derrick and Skick, eat tons of food that will probably kill me. Maybe I’ll head down to Grand Isle again while I’m there. Maybe I’ll head down to the delta. Maybe I’ll spend more time in Cajun Country and try and sneak my way into a boucherie as rare as those are nowadays. I’m not quite sure.

Another unknown is which route to take back. I was thinking of driving through rural Mississippi and cutting through Arkansas since I’ve never been through that neck of the woods. Maybe I’ll go back to the Four Corners. Or go to the Rio Grande River Gorge Bridge outside of Taos, NM. Maybe I’ll wind up moving to some hole-in-the-wall town like I always threaten to do.

Maybe I’ll join one of those FLDS cults that are oh so popular along the Utah-Arizona border. Actually, the more I think about it the better I feel about this option. Not only do I get multiple husbands, they can’t cheat on me! It is god’s will that it is this way! Man the psycho wing of the Mormons sure have thought things out.

So many options on this trip, and thankfully there is more than enough time to think about it.