Metro Dreams

This week I started taking the Metro to work. Initially the thought of having to wake up earlier and get home later seemed a bit daunting, but having done it this week it really isn’t so bad. In fact I’ve been getting home at around the same time I would have been getting home by driving which is great.

My only complaint was that the final train I take to work, the Blue Line, was pretty jam packed on Monday. Like not just standing-room only, but I got someone’s head underneath my armpit type of packed. But I’m only on it for four stops, so I suppose it could be worse. And the rest of the week it hasn’t been nearly that bad.

On the plus side, I’m going up a lot of stairs so I feel like I’m doing actual exercise during the day. And I’m getting a lot of reading done which is much better than staring at the car in front of me and hoping I can make it through the light before it turns red.

I guess you can say I am now living a dream since I dreamed of taking the Metro to work while I was at Hulu.