The Morning After

I woke up still not believing that we have a President Trump. During this whole campaign I insisted that the innate goodness of the American people would not allow this to happen. I don’t know why I dropped my normal veil of cynicism about this, but trust me, I will never do this again.

No one knows what the next four years will look like. No one knows if we will be living under the Fourth Reich, be a satellite state of Russia or be status quo. Looking past all the hyperbole from the campaign that never seemed to end, we just have no idea.

I’m pretty sure the poor are going to get screwed since that’s what usually happens during Republican administrations. And I’m hoping that music and the arts in general will be great since that also is usually what happens under Republican administrations. Although since Trump is more liberal than most republicans who have taken office over the last century, who knows?

I think that’s what really bothers me today. After Bush won, we knew which way he was going to go. After Obama won, we knew. With Trump, the uncertainty is growing this unease like flies to manure.

A thing that bothers me among a lot of my friends is this empty threat of moving out of the country, a chickenshit act of running away when things get a little tough. First of all, most of you won’t leave — you’re just talking shit. Besides I’m more about shouting and fighting for what I believe in. When they start setting up the concentration camps, I’ll leave then. But until then, I’ll fight for my home.

I guess despite my desire to be a completely cynical asshole, I still have a stray bit of optimism left in me.