San Pedro to San Simeon

All in all, things could have gone worse today. Despite my biggest fears, being in a confined space with Dallas Aunt was serene and peaceful.

We left the manse at around 10, stopped off for some lunch in Encino at Itzik Hargadol since I was craving kabobs, got gas in Santa Barbara, got clam chowder in Pismo Beach, pee stop at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo and wound up in San Simeon.

Since I have never needed a reservation for a Motel 6 before ever, we thought it would be all right to just drop in. But they had no vacancy! None also at the Seabreeze Inn across the street. We finally wound up at the Silver Surf Motel at what I thought would be a rate of around $60. But alas, since things are still busy we were charged three times that. So once we got in, we made motel reservations the rest of the way up to Seattle.

It is jawdropping to see the ocean crashing on the shore on one side of me and the mountains rising up on my other side. It makes me really happy that I decided to go this route. I really can’t wait until tomorrow when after a visit to Hearst Castle, we drive through Big Sur and see the wonders of the coastline.

A happy note: while walking on the Pismo Beach pier, I saw this kid wearing a sleeveless Bauhaus tee. That really warmed my heart.