Preamble to the Road Trip

Here I am the morning before I set off on a two-week long road trip with Dallas Aunt watching “Speechless” and “Designated Survivor” on Hulu. To be honest, I’m a little put off of the disruption of my normal routine thanks to Dallas Aunt choosing to sleep on the couch rather than the second bedroom. Apparently her distaste for my mom runs so deep that even being in a room that my mom hadn’t occupied in months. So yet again I am relegated to my bedroom.

I have several concerns about this trip:

1. When I did the Louisiana road trip with by cousin Aaron, I kept photos of it on Flickr. I’m not quite sure that I want to use Flickr this time around. Maybe I’ll just use Google Photo just because? Good lord, that sounds pathetic.

2. Wheelchair cousin is really concerned for me. She and I are the only ones in the family who can get along with Dallas Aunt, and our patience is wearing thin. Yesterday she got into a tizzy fit because I didn’t acknowledge an informational text she sent me. Or that I don’t update her on everything I do. It’s quite grating, really. I don’t know how I’m going to survive being in close quarters for two weeks with her, but those who know me personally know that if nothing I will persevere. Or drive us off a cliff, whichever strikes my fancy.

3. I will miss Vin Scully’s last game. I figure I will be in Vancouver for it. Or Victoria. Or Missoula. Nevertheless, I will miss it. Although I can catch it on when I get back home, I’m still sad about it.

There are some more concerns, but I don’t think I can sufficiently express them here.

The plan is to go up Pacific Coast Highway through California (mostly) before heading towards the I-5 through Oregon up to Vancouver before heading east on the I-90 to Missoula, MT and heading down south the I-15 and get back home. Of course things can change. Dallas Aunt, in fact, is already proposing changes. Oh, heaven help me.

I don’t know what image would greatly complement this post, so up above is a photo of me approving of I Heart Pancakes in Santa Ana after eating half a stack of strawberry cheesecake pancakes. Because why not?