Two Strange Dreams

I’ve had some pretty fucked up dreams about the Grandmother over the last couple of weeks, but there are two that are seared into my memory.

1. I’m in bed, and I hear something banging in my closet. I open the door and there is my grandmother with her eyes and mouth sewn shut. She’s in a complete panic, and I’m looking down at her completely annoyed trying to figure out what I need to tell the 911 operator when I call them.

2. I’m wheeling my grandmother around a hospital, but she’s flailing about creating such a scene. A doctor wants to take a look at her, but I tell him it’s unnecessary because she’s dead. I get her into an examination room, and she’s still causing a ruckus. She finally yells out that she soiled her diapers. I yell at her at the top of my lungs in Korean, “THERE’S NOTHING IN YOUR DIAPERS! YOU’RE FUCKING DEAD!!!!”

Somehow I don’t think I’m all right.