Saturday Was Madd’s Birthday

Saturday was Madd’s birthday. And since I’m a gentleman, I won’t reveal how old she is. I will say that we’ve been friends since I was 17. Back when in order to get black nail polish, I used black marker and topped it with clear enamel. For a mesh undershirt, I cut a hole in the crotch of fishnet hose. That to find the music I wanted to listen to, I had to troll the compilation CDs in record stores and read zines like the defunct IndustrialnatioN.

We had dinner at the Penthouse in the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica where we had this view:

Santa Monica
A view of Santa Monica from the Huntley Hotel.

Afterwards we went to the Santa Monica Pier and rode the ferris wheel which is one my favorite things to do in all the world. Walking down the pier, we saw a bunch of folks walking with their heads down looking at their phones. It seems they were all playing Pokemon Go and looking for the special Pokemon nodules or whateverthefuck it is they were looking for. I guess it’s nice that this game is getting people outdoors, but they really do seem to be missing out on interacting with the real world.

But most depressing was what we saw at the end of the pier. There was a gaggle of people wearing headphones dancing. It looked like a scene from The Lobster coming true. See?