IKEA Ghosts

IKEA is filled with ghosts, ghosts of furniture past with a reminder of former lives and former homes. It’s not that old furniture I once owned are there — those items have long been discontinued and what remains on the showroom floor have those ghosts that creep into my mind. There is the discontinued coffee table I had in my old Los Feliz bedroom, a glass-top rectangular table with rounded edges that was discontinued about a decade ago. Now they have a smaller circular table that I never would have bought in the first place. There is the small table lamp that looks like an ice cube, the particular duvet cover design from the Echo Park house.

That Los Feliz house was amazing. My bedroom big enough to fit my twin bed, a couch, coffee table and my desk. The Echo Park house up on the hill with the great views.

Walking through IKEA I was filled with thoughts of what was and regrets with where I am now and what could have been. What more I could have done with those spaces, with that life and what is glaringly lacking right now. Maybe it’s appropriate that off to the side on the way to the As-Is section right before you get to the cashier is where you can pick up some rope.