Consider the Lobster

What you see here isn’t merely a blob of darkness. Look closely, and you will see an empty movie theater.

I saw the new Yorgos Lanthimos film The Lobster, and I guess thanks to A24 Distribution it was being shown at a cineplex in Torrance rather than me having to schlep to some art film house in Hollywood or Santa Monica. It was pretty jarring and fantastic, not as disturbing as Dogtooth. Although the final scene really had me squirming in my seat.

It’s a far cry from the mess that was X-Man: Apocalypse I saw Friday night. It is not a good movie, and the fact I saw it in 3D which caused the images to lose their sharpness made it even more disappointing despite not expecting much in the first place. Michael Fassbinder and Jennifer Lawrence were pretty bad in it, and the awful dialogue they had to recite was even worse.