‘You Cannot Quench a Woman’s Strength with Laws’

You cannot quench a woman’s strength with laws, curse it with solitude or abandon. It must be dealt with. It is the woman’s revolution, the flower of revolt and injustice. The men who lost their power as primitives are the prey of this woman. It is a kind of vengeance. There is something in it of the cutting of Samson’s hair. The nature of woman has not suffered the damages the man has in his struggle to suppress nature. She has not been as exposed to the social poisons. She has been relatively sheltered. Her power is unspent, new. – Mirages: The Unexpurgated Diaries of Anaïs Nin 1939-1947, Sept. 28, 1943, p.200.

I’ve always said that Houston was a shithole of a city, and now that Houstonians yesterday repealed Houston Equal Rights Ordinance more people will see how true this is. Fuck Houston. Every queerby should just high tail it out of that shittown and let the breeders try and fend for themselves.