Strange Dream, Pedro Martinez and Cum

Let’s file this under the Jimmy-Needs-To-Get-Laid folder.

I am in the middle of what looks like a fort in a forest. Maybe it’s a tree house? But it can’t be since we’re not elevated. It’s more like a fort that is dug into the ground with a vehicle ramp made of logs to the right of the building that came right down to the bottom of the fort.

Somehow I got the sense that the fort was under attack, and right when I sensed that a jeep came down the ramp. I sat against the opposite wall trying to futilely get away when out popped Pedro Martinez walking towards me like a villain in a movie. I look away from him when all of the sudden he was standing over me with his dick hanging out of his pants.

He was taunting me waggling his dick in front of my face. It seemed like he wanted to emasculate me, so I did what came naturally to me. I grabbed his dick and started sucking on it. Pedro moaned and moaned but never got completely hard. Nothing is worse than sucking on an eternally flaccid dick. Instead of sucking him off, I finished him off by hand aiming his dick towards my mouth. And only one thing entered my mind:


It was not good. I’ve tasted many different sorts of cum in my life, but never had I tasted anything so foul. It was like eating Korean fermented soy bean soup that has been left out a week too long.

So I kissed Pedro to force him to taste his own cum. He just kept grinning and saying what a good job I did.

Then I woke up.

What does this mean?