The Familiar or Not?

A couple of months ago, I requested the new Mark Z. Danielewski book The Familiar Vol. 2: Into the Forest from the library. I had already read the first volume of the series, and I figured I would get to the front of the line of those wanting to read volume 2. Mission accomplished. I picked up the book today.

Now that I have it, I’m wondering if I really want to read it. Anyone who knows Danielewski knows he loves his text art, he loves multiple narratives, he loves patois and vernacular. Sometimes it works brilliantly as it did with House of Leaves. But in the first volume, it was up and down and pretty painful to read at times. Am I going to put myself through that again?

Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve opened it up and read a little, but I’m still ambivalent. I’m going to give it the weekend, and if I still feel the same way I’ll return it so that other folks who want to read it can.

All is not lost though. I also borrowed Al Jourgensen’s memoirs Ministry: The Lost Gospels According To…