Les souffrances

J’apprends le français, mais je ne sais pas pourquoi. Peut-être que je veux être agaçant? Quand même, français est très difficile.

Yes. That is annoying what I just wrote, but because I’m learning French I suppose I should put it to some use. I know it looks like something a high school freshman writes after his or her first semester in French, but I guess I am a little like that right now. Genders of things are difficult — it’s not like in Spanish where for the most part nouns that end in -a are feminine and nouns that end in -o are masculine. Also understanding French speech is difficult.

The other day there was a solicitor in front the of the entrance at Ralphs, and I decided I was just going to speak French to try and deflect them. What a brilliant way to put my newfound learning to use! Perdon.

Je suis aussi de France,” the guy said to my horror. Fuck. The first time I use this lie, and I get caught. I’m sure there is some fucking moral to this, but I’m not here for morality.

Je n’ai pas temps maintenant. Perdon,” I said back to him and just walked away. I realized I should have said les temps, but I was happy that I got it somewhat right.