I Hate Your Politics

Last night quite a few people were hyped up to watch the third Republican presidential debate. A lot of people talk about being compelled by the horrific car wreck nature of it. Frankly, that’s a stupid excuse. Most of these assholes would have watched it even if it were two librarians on quaaludes.

I really hate politics. It brings out the basest of our human tendencies, and each time I think about “the issues” the worst of my pessimism rises to the surface. I find Republicans to be ignorant and greedy with a dash of sociopathy on top. Democrats are conniving and scheming and they have no shame in selling their lovely Nana down the river for a few more shekels. I don’t think we would be any better with Bernie Sanders as president than with Hillary or Trump or Jeb or Rand.

So I didn’t watch the debate. I didn’t want to watch it. If I wanted to spend three hours watching a bunch of cunts, I would have been born a heterosexual.

And here is what gets me. The first chance to vote on any of these assholes is on February 1 which is the Iowa caucus. This damn election already feels too long, yet we are 3 months away from anyone making any significant vote to narrow this field down. AND we are over a year away from the presidential election proper.

If there is any time for these doomsday cults to actually be correct, I am hoping that they are soon. I don’t know if I can take another year of this.