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My podcast boyfriend Brendan writes a daily newsletter entitled Mystery Date which I just linked to and you can see in my blog roll below (or to the right or left depending on the layout I choose if you are reading this in the future.) I am fascinated each evening when one of his missives hit my email inbox and promptly read it.

With the death of Google Reader and the seeming death of RSS feed readers, I wondered if there was a better way of distributing blog updates. It turns out that WordPress can turn a normal run-of-the-mill blog into a newsletter. So if you look at the very bottom of this webpage*, you will see a “Subscribe to Blog Via Email” section.

It’s pretty simple. When I post on this website, you will be sent an email with that exact same post. There might be some formatting differences between how the post is presented here versus how it appears in your inbox, but you can always click on the link to bring you back here.

Okay. This was a bit stupid. So here is a strange user-generated video for Coil’s “Backwards”.

* Again, this direction is dependent on the layout I have here. If you are reading this on a mobile device**, six months from now, six years from now, sixty years from now, this might not be the case. But I trust that you are smart creatures and can figure out for yourselves where to find this feature or if the feature is still available.

** I checked on my Android phone, and if viewing the mobile site you probably won’t see this “Subscribe to Blog Via Email” section. You’ll need to view the full site for now in order to see this. I guess this is something I should figure out very quickly.