It’s the Jimmy Garoppolo Era of the Patriots

Jimmy Garoppolo

Barring something extraordinary happening in the next month or so, this will be the starting quarterback of the New England Patriots for the first four games of the NFL season. I didn’t watch the NFL last season, but I might just tune in to watch this dude play. Frankly he’s a far cry from who the Patriots chose in 2001:

Tom Brady

Actually I don’t care about any of that since it was just an excuse to ogle Jimmy Garoppolo who not only is easy on the eyes but has a most excellent first name. Just don’t tell me that he’s straight or has a girlfriend or is married or has spawned or anything like that. I know you fucking heteros love waving that in people’s faces, and frankly it’s tiring. Just leave me to my illusions.

I’m on a Meat Beat Manifesto binge today. It’s amazing to hear something futuristic and retro at the same time. Art deco techno? Is that a thing? I wish I listened to them more in high school and college, and I wish I had the proper drugs to truly enjoy them in an “immersive” experience. It’s such a listening to Jason Bentley spin records on KROQ at 2 am Saturday nights/Sunday mornings in 1995 while trying to do something despite having a 10 pm curfew and since there were no radio stations I knew of spinning goth/industrial music this was the next best thing.