Jimmy Gone Wild!!!!

Thanks to Dallas Aunt coming for the weekend, I had the weekend off. Which meant JIMMY GONE WILD!!!!

What’s depressing is the difference between JIMMY GONE WILD at 36 versus JIMMY GONE WILD at 26. At 26 anything could have happened including drugs, sex and whatever would make a republican get a hard on then blush then react with indignant anger about god or wrath or quaint guilt-based mythologies that people use to excuse mass murders and wars.

No. This is what JIMMY GONE WILD at 36 entails.

Me and MaddFriday night I caught up with Madd. While I’ve been going through my grandmother saga, she’s been going through the death of a good friend. I hadn’t seen her since my birthday in March, so this was long overdue.

For some reason, our fallback option when we can’t think of anything creative or new to go to is Culver City. We wound up at Public School 310 and spent a whole lot of time gabbing and catching up. It felt so great to be able to get out into the world and pretend to be human again (or a reasonable facsimile thereof). It makes me wonder just how much I’m missing while I’m holed up taking care of the Grandmother. Well, perhaps “wonder” isn’t the right word. “Sad”? “Forlorn”? I don’t know. I guess I’m a little scared that once the Grandmother finally kicks the bucket, I won’t know how to enjoy myself outside. Hell, I’m already a pretty awkward in social situations. So who knows?

What I do know is I used to make fun of people who would be bright-eyed and excited about a weekend night out. And here I am. Bright-eyed. Excited. And just purely happy that I’m out eating at a restaurant. Taking pictures to show proof that I was out and about and enjoying life. Yup. This is what my life has become.

So while JGW at 26 would involve (lots of) drinks and (lots of) cigarettes, JGW at 36 involves getting iced coffee after dinner sans cigarettes and more gabbing. Still I got home after midnight, so I guess that made it a success.

Me and Emma

Saturday was lunch with Cathi and Ben. Which, of course, means spending the day with little Emma. For a three-year old, she is remarkably well behaved. She actually listens and obeys to her “Uncuh Jimmy” which actually blew me away.

After lunch at an Asian seafood buffet in Glendale and a trip to Michael’s and Cost Plus, Ben took off. So I spent a good chunk of the day with Emma while Cathi and Tyson worked on their respective projects. While she is as well behaved as one can expect from a three-year old, goddamn she is hyperactive. It makes me happy that I don’t and won’t have children.

I got home at around 9 pm sore and tired and stinky from sweating from trying to keep up with a three-year old. It made me sad that my freedom weekend was coming to an end.

Me Witch

Now I’m not really depressed that JGW is over. I’ve accepted that this is my life, and I’m fine with it. But one thing I will have to start doing is to take days off. Cousins will be called so I can take a day off here and there.

Another thing that is pretty shocking. Usually most of my crushes has been guys older than me. That age is starting to decrease. I AM getting older. And, evidently, I need gel.