We’re Still Alive


The Grandmother is still kicking, though she’s enduring more and more pain as each day clicks on. She’s stopped fighting me on eating her meals, although to be frank I’ve been giving her a tad bit less to eat. We went to the acupuncturist on Tuesday and this afternoon, and she still refuses to let me carry her up and down the stairs.

I’m a lot better than I was this time last week. I’ve gotten a handle on the scope of my grandmother’s pain, what she needs and what needs to be done, so I can do things.

Dallas Aunt came and went with minimal disruptions. I did get Eldest Aunt and an uncle get mad at me for calling Dallas Aunt last Friday. Eldest Aunt said she was hurt I didn’t call her first. I would call them if they actually came by and showed interest in how the Grandmother is doing. Even though Dallas Aunt is thousands of miles away, she knows the ins and outs of the Grandmother’s health and everything.