I Don’t Know How Dodger Fans Do It


I’m just trying to distract myself, and right now I’m not really up for watching old depressing foreign movies. So I decided to watch the Dodgers play the Nationals. You know, what I used to do.

After one inning of watching the broadcast, I had to mute it. There was too much Charley Steiner, too much Nomar Garciaparra, too much Orel Hershiser. When I was covering games, I was used to just the sounds of the park, the crack of the bat, the sound the balls make when it hits the catcher’s mitt, the organ, the cheers, the boos, the choreographed claps, the awful pop music that’s foisted upon the public in the name of entertainment that these teams are aiming to strive for. The games were allowed to breathe in its own juices and not be strangled by the announcers. I know, I’m spoiled.

So instead of all of that, because of my sort of fragile emotional state right now I’m listening to Tori Amos. (Okay. That’s a bald-face lie. I’m using my emotional state as an excuse to listen to Tori Amos, to justify going back to my sensitive 17-year old self, to think about nine inch nails and little fascist panties tucked inside the heart of every nice grrrrrrrrrrrrrl.) Little Earthquake and then Under the Pink, just going chronologically.

Watching the game, I learned some things.

A. Chin-Hui Tsao is back to pitching for the Dodgers? I remembered him pitching before I started writing for LAist in 2007. Here he is now?

B. Pedro Baez is no long the second coming of Jeebuz. At the start of the season he was the bee’s knees, the shit, the everything about the bullpen. In the eighth inning he gave up a two-run pinch-hit homer to some Danish(?) guy Matt den Dekker. Belgian? It definitely has to be some country involving dikes or fjords or something chocolatey or potty. Anyhow, it gave the Nationals a 5-3 lead which set the stage for Drew Storen to get the save.

C. At some point the Dodgers went out and got Albert Callaspo. AND KEPT HIM!!!! I know how wheeling and dealing the Dodgers front office is, yet Callaspo is sill on the 25-man roster. They do want to win a World Series, right?