The Dodgers Get Mascots!

Let the descent begin! This ungodly creature was unceremoniously dumped on the Dodger fans this weekend. Steve Dilbeck of the LA Times talked to Lon Rosen, the Dodgers VP of Marketing.

“It’s not a mascot,” said Dodgers executive vice president of marketing Lon Rosen. “It’s a unique performance character.”

With that level of rhetorical gymnastics, I wonder if Lon can verbally suck himself off?

Rosen told Dilbeck that three more of these nameless genderless “bobblehead characters” will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Ten years ago Rosen tried to do the same thing when Frank McCourt bought the Dodgers. Fortunately for fans, he was fired soon after. But that wasn’t before he dumped longtime broadcaster Ross Porter and greatly cut back organist Nancy Bea Hefley’s workload. So don’t be surprised to see cheerleaders hired and Nancy Bea fired in the coming months.

So not only are chances likely you can’t watch the Dodgers even if you wanted to, now you’ll be bombarded by whatever-the-fuck-these-things-are when you attend a game. As their marketing slogan went last year, it is indeed a whole new blue.