I’m Going To Puke


My grandmother wanted to get a perm today, so I figured I’d drop her off then head to the Portuguese Bend Reserve for a little hike. As I was heading down looking at the landscape that had become so familiar, I decided to take the Kelvin Canyon trail that heads over the Filorium Reserve next door.

The change of scenery was nice with the eucalyptus grove as pictured below. There was also an even bigger hint of pine smell than in Portuguese Bend that made everything seem sweeter.

Eucalyptus Grove

What was also refreshing about these trails is that it’s not as popular as the Portuguese Bend trails. You sort of feel like you’re out here alone.


As I headed up Rattlesnake Trail back to Crenshaw Blvd., I realized it was pretty hot and I was really panting even though the ascent wasn’t too challenging. I sat on a rock to get myself together about 2/3 of the way up when that unmistakable feeling of needing to throw up hit me. I wasn’t too dizzy, but I was quite light headed. Duh. It’s a hot day, I’m sweating like a greased hog at a county fair and I’m probably dehydrated. So I stood up and drank some water. The nausea-feeling passed and I slowly made my way back to my car.

I knew this wasn’t the longest hike I’ve done. I knew this wasn’t the steepest hike I’ve done. But man did my ass get whooped today.

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After I picked up my grandmother and gave her her lunch, I went to Del Taco to treat myself and got their Surf and Turf burrito. Holy motherfucking shit was that good.