Portuguese Bend

After not being able to walk at Christmas that left parts of my left leg and left foot numb, after a two-week roadie where I ate a lot of fried foods and after getting hit with a slight chest cold, I decided today was the day to get out into nature and take a hike at one of my favorite hiking places: Portuguese Bend Nature Preserve.

I don’t know why I like it so much. Perhaps it’s because it’s an active landslide area. But there’s no doubt it has some gorgeous vistas. I mean look at the picture above, the little mountains of Catalina Island peeking over the fog bank.

I’ve done the hike here two different ways. The way I did it today was parking at the top of the hill right where Crenshaw Blvd. ends and started the descent. Since I really haven’t done anything too strenuous in months and I’ve turned into a Fatty Fat McFat Fatty, I decided to do this easier route. Of course the big downfall is you end the hike going up.

I was a little too eager and went down a little too far, so coming back up what with my partially numb left foot and pounds of fat it was a bit of a strain to make it back to my car.

The other way I’ve done it is park at the adjacent Forrestal Reserve off of Palos Verdes Drive South and hiked into the Portuguese Bend Reserve. It’s a bit more strenuous, but it’s tons of fun.

With the mercury breaking the 80-degree mark, a lot of people decided to make it out there. There was a group of six shirtless dudes who brought out their own club mix for all to enjoy. I couldn’t tell whether they were European, gay or both.

Then there was this hulk of a guy in his 20s who was hiking down as I was walking back up near the trail head. Let’s name him Brock.

Brock has the build of either an outside linebacker or an offensive left guard. He was wearing black runner’s shorts and a backpack. As he walked by I got a whiff of him, and damned if I didn’t want to get on my knees right there and eat out his asshole as I moaned his name, “Brock,” deep into the crevasse of his ass.

Did I ever mention that day hikes get me horny?