Foggy CraneWhen one thinks of a beach city, one thinks of a flat strip of land that ends with a strip of sand and water. A nice ocean breeze cools everything, and everyone is laid back and happy.

San Pedro is a strange place. It’s very hilly and ends in cliffs on the south side and the harbor on the east side. As you see in the picture to the left, it’s foggy. This is at White Point Nature Preserve right where Paseo Del Mar fell into the Pacific Ocean over a year ago. As you can see crews are working on trying to rebuild Paseo Del Mar it seems.

I live a mere 4 miles away, yet I don’t get any fog. As the fog comes in from the west, I’m blocked out thanks to San Pedro Hill aka Palos Verdes. To the south there are several hills between me and the ocean. Instant, presto, no fog! Also when it gets warm in Southern California, thanks to all the shielding we get temperatures similar to the Valley.

There is a good side to this. Being so close to a tsunami evacuation zone, on the ever so slight chance one comes around our way, being about 300 feet in elevation means not having to worry about being flooded. Then again, it also means living on an island for a bit. Hmph. Maybe I haven’t thought this out as thoroughly as I need to.