I Got Some (Not So) Dirty Boots

Rogue Tall Zip Moto Boots

I went a little crazy on Sunday: I bought three pairs of boots. Actually it was originally supposed to be two.

Perhaps it’s the coming of cold weather, but I’ve been looking almost exclusively at boots recently. There were times when I had Pumas, Chuck Ts, Adidas and all sorts of trendy sneakers, but now it’s all about the boots.

I was on Zappos last week and decided I wanted to get these Type Z Timmy boots that I had worn completely out. I got them in 2008 and had to retire them over the summer since there were holes in the soles. Heh. I rhymed.

Timmy Boots

The second pair are Bedstu Centrales that just looked neat. I have another pair of Bedstus that are very comfortable but I don’t wear very often because it involves have to lace up. I’m lazy. These two boots both have zippers.

Bedstu Centrale Boots

I got confirmation on Sunday from Madd that those were good and went ahead and purchased them. We decided to kill the day at Santa Monica Place, and at Bloomingdales I came upon the boots seen on top: Rogue’s Tall Zip Moto Boots. I actually tried them in the store, but they only had size 11s. They looked nice, they felt nice and I just about cried that they didn’t have my size.

I know it sounds melodramatic and petty considering everything that’s going on in this world. But when you spend your life dismissing shoes left and right and finally find the perfect boot in your hands, all of the sudden you become a self-absorbed monster. I plodded on grumbling about the boots.

I decided to throw caution to the wind and go home and buy those boots in my size.

So tomorrow the two boots from Zappos will be delivered to my door while the Rogue boots will arrive on Tuesday. I’m excited.

Maybe I’m trying to get all militant for the sex workers of the world?