New Television


I just bought a new television, a 32″ LCDLEDHDTVExtravaganzaMumboJumbo. This is the first ever television I have purchased myself.

When I was a wee child I had a Radio Shack television that lasted me until my junior year of high school. Then I received a Magnavox from my mom’s boyfriend at the time that has served me until now. I also had a large television that I used to use in my living room that my ex-roomie’s grandmother had given us and that I inherited.

It’s the first HD television I have owned, and it really does make a difference.

To round out my new entertainment area, I also purchased a WiFi Blu-Ray player. So I guess I’m fully connected or something.

One thing I noticed is what a scam HDMI cables are. $100 for one? Bitch, please.