My Week with the Dodgers

I worked all the Dodger home games last week except for Saturday and it was quite eventful. To recap:

  • Talked to Rafael Furcal three days in a row. Transcribing his words is quite difficult, and sometimes using quotation marks is quite the stretch. But he’s a nice guy and very accommodating, not to mention he’s been playing very well.
  • A certain player has become absolutely insufferable. I had the urge to just sucker punch him but held my restraint for professional reasons.
  • Another player who has been insufferable was actually quite nice. Perhaps the two of them planned this out beforehand?
  • They played the LeBron James decision fiasco on the big screen at Dodger Stadium. All of us in the press box alternately groaned and laughed at the spectacle.
  • After vowing not to write a notebook piece before the games this season, I broke down on Sunday because of the amount of news. I’m thinking this needs to be a regular feature.

I forget just how tiring it all is. True there is a lot of down time and standing around, but even that gets a bit fatiguing after a while. You try standing around in the sun while waiting for Hong-Chih Kuo to come back to the clubhouse after warming up in the bullpen and trying to make small talk with people on the field to make the time pass.

I have taken to carrying Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past to games for two reasons: to help pass time, and to be a complete lit snob. Yes I’m vain like a motherfucker.

On Monday I recorded a segment on Jonathan Montcrief’s online radio show “SoCal Sports Weekly.” I’m the first segment on hour two talking Dodgers since that’s what I do really.

Nothing to do this week. I might go to Bloomingdales or Nordstroms to try clothes on because that’s really all I can afford to do. Hello depression.