Back in the Saddle

Before last night, the last time I covered a game at Dodger Stadium was on June 11. I’m not counting the one Angels game I started to cover but left at 5 pm because they stuck me in dining room, and I might as well just watch the game at home. And then there’s the Yankees game, but I went as a “fan” although my soul is dead now from being a so-called media member so I don’t cheer or get excited anymore.

So it was nice being there. Anticipating tons of traffic which I guess existed merely in my head, I got to the Stadium early at 1:40. The most surprising yet pleasant thing happened when Andre Ethier and I had a pleasant exchange that could be classified as amiable yet also quite mundane and non-baseball related.

During Joe Torre’s meeting with the press the reporters asked him about the All Star Game. Yawn. Since I really hadn’t been paying attention to the Dodgers the last several weeks while out, I didn’t really have anything to ask. So I just left the group and watched the players warm up.

Every sportswriter crush I have were covering the game yesterday so I actually did a lot of socializing rather than just sitting while surfing the web while watching and scoring the game. I guess that’s sorta why the recap really sucked shit, even though it probably was because of rust. I’ll be better today, I promise.