I Don’t Know

I went over to Boots’ apartment last night where I marveled at her constant reshuffling of furniture and had Freschetta pineapple and ham pizza. We also marveled at her new phone and I was a bit jealous how skinny her phone is despite also have a slide-out qwerty keyboard like my phone.

Boots' New Phone
A picture of me swigging a bottle of Guinness on Boots' new phone.

I realize that putting up pictures of her rearrangement of furniture make no sense without any context of what it used to look like, but be reassured this is the fifth permutation of her living room since moving in November.

Her first define work space (cage) with her gargantuan easel off to the right.

And here’s a picture of her sitting in her cage work space.

Work Area
Boots sitting in her new work area.

Boots started talking about furniture, so that naturally meant that we had to surf on furniture websites. Which of course progressed to looking at apartments which progressed to a deeper depression for me. So she brought out ice cream – a drumstick for her and a Haagen-Daaz ice cream bar for me.

Boots Drumstick
Boots eating a drumstick while trying to lift us from our collective depression.

But that didn’t work very well, so I started actively contemplated getting a 9-to-5 job yet again so I have a nice steady income once again. Well it alternated between that and hanging myself.

So today I’m trying to avoid the latter route, so I ate some watermelon while mustering the energy to do laundry. Well the mustering is still going on since I haven’t moved an inch yet. But I do love how hot it is.