Video Games

Last month I bought a PS5. Yes, I was able to my hands on a PS5 through the Sony website just paying retail. Right before New Years I was on the PS5 webpage and just for kicks opted to put one in the shopping cart. To my shock it went in rather than the usual “Sorry, we are sold out,” or whatever bullshit they have been rejecting us with for the last few years. I was able to put in my payment details. Next thing you know, I purchased it, and five days later it came to my front door.

I’ve been wanting to play video games more for a bit, and here I am now. I got the original Mr. Driller and Puzzle Fighter, but the real game I had been wanting to play is Stray. It starts off with the trauma of the cat falling down the wall and landing in the city. Then there are those little monsters that jump up and try eating you. I’m at the rooftop scene now, and I’m totally enthralled. Now I’m not at the point where I will spend three, four hours playing a game at one time, although I do see how easy you can fall into that.

I also downloaded the updated version of Doom but really haven’t started getting into that. The one thing I do have a problem with is controlling the aim and all that.