I Can’t Quit You Facebook

How does one leave Facebook? If there was an easy way to keep in touch with friends, I could be done with Facebook in a heartbeat. But how?

A lot of my friends have kids and just don’t have the free time in their lives to independently curate their own way of keeping up with old friends. It’s what makes Facebook very effective and convenient. Not everyone has the time to keep up with emails, text messages, snail mail letters.

I’m at a loss. I guess if anyone wants an easy way to read these blog posts, one can enter their email address at the very bottom of the page to subscribe via email to get these posts sent one’s email inbox. Don’t worry. The emails are secure at no point am I going to sell your email addresses. I mean after having an online presence for over 20 years, do you really think I’m going to decide now to monetize this thing?

I guess this is what happens when we decide to become beholden to evil empires to allow us to communicate with one another. Hmph.