I Needed That

I was on my back, legs up, just a sweaty mess. R started sucking on my jock which by then was completely soaked through with my precum. He ripped it off and put my dick his mouth while torturing my tits. After an hour of pleasure and pain, I let go and came like a fucking volcano eruption.

I was messaging with R for a while on different apps dating back to the Pedro days. He seemed nice and perverted, just what I liked, but I wasn’t in the space to meet anyone at that time. I just wanted to be alone. Why I was on apps? I don’t know. Just to see what was out there? But I never really engaged with anyone. Maybe some flirting back and forth, but nothing would go beyond that.

Right before the pandemic we picked back up texting back and forth assured that once this stupidity was over we would meet up. Obviously that didn’t happen.

A year later after the vaccinations this spring, we started texting again and met up.

After not having done this for a while, I was a nervous wreck about going to meet R. My biggest fear is showing up and being rejected right there. Driving over to his place I had to keep telling myself that he’s seen my nudes and still wanted to hook up. But then again the fickleness of dudes…

I entered his place, and all of my apprehensions melted when we kissed. I really missed tasting a guy’s tongue. I missed the warmth of their naked skin meeting mine taking my breath away. I missed the pain of a guy’s teeth biting down on my nipples making me flinch and squeal, tears starting to well up in my eyes.

It was extraordinary that first 15 minutes as we learned each other’s bodies. Soon enough I found myself on my knees, my ass being eaten out exquisitely. Then he started fingering me, probing deep inside me. I moaned each time he met my prostate.

The intention was to fist me. Certainly after all of this time being celebate I knew that wasn’t going to happen, but it’s all about the journey. And R wasn’t going to fuck me because his cock was locked in a chastity cage — he was looking more to see me give in to the pleasure.

R got four fingers in me but couldn’t quite get his thumb in. That was okay. And that’s when he turned me over and finished me off.

I really needed that.