Oh Shit!

I just realized that holy shit, Christmas is in 10 days. This week is the last full business week of the year (although I am taking Friday off.) Next week is Christmas and the following week is New Year’s.

Which means that when the calendar turns to 2021, my ass will be back in Montana. I’ll be in a different cabin this time closer to the Montana-Idaho border, but this cabin has a hot tub. My boss is going on maternity leave at the end of January, so I see it as the only opportunity for a true vacation until Labor Day. And who knows, by then we can maybe travel overseas and I won’t have to travel to remote areas in their way way way offseason to prevent the chances of coming down with this damn virus.

Speak of, damn I’m horny. I’ve been having dreams of making out with guys lately. I’m telling you, the second after I get the second shot of the vaccination, I’m going on a fucking orgy.