Dejections and Injections

I had written some half-cooked bullshit about Trump, his calls of voter fraud and how unoriginal it is. But fuck it. I really didn’t care too much anyhow. I’ve just been marveling at what lows he and the RepubliKKKan party would crawl to in order to kill democracy. Besides, today an institution used to keep slavery intact voted to give Joe Biden the presidency. And while CNN and MSNBC both talked about watching democracy in action, I wonder how they didn’t choke with laughter on their own words since the electoral college is the furthest thing from a democracy. Makes me sort of glad to be a college dropout.

But today we also got the first vaccines into the arms of Americans. So I guess 276 days since I started working from home, there is some hope for the future. I guess the question is whether 2021 will be okay and whether I can travel overseas again. By 2022 definitely unless some other calamity comes and affects us all.