Thanksgiving 2020

In the news, people are going crazy because they’ve been advised not to see their family this Thanksgiving. Despite the prospect of getting their family members sick, people still decided to travel home to be with family although in decreasing numbers than in normal years. But this has me confused. The jokes at this time of the year is how fucking unbearable families are, how stressful the holidays are because of Uncle Ted wanting you to pull his finger and other traumas that make you want to slit your throat. So why are so people so looking forward to being with family now? Has COVID damaged our brains so much that we would rather put up with these traumas than be by ourselves now?

As you can see, I prepared a little mini-feast for myself today. You see a Ralphs rotisserie chicken, green bean casserole and Stove Top cornbread stuffing. I should have made the stuffing myself because it is too goddamn salty. The chicken was all right, but the green bean casserole was good since I used fresh green beans. I guess all of this isolation has gotten to me too, because after dinner I thanked myself for my meal.

One good thing that came out of today was finally getting the archives back up on the site. I took a shortcut and rather than create a whole new database, I just deleted the existing table that contained all of the posts and recreated the table from scratch then copied the archive table to the new one. That means the images are not connected to the image files on the server, so the images won’t load for the individual posts. But that I could live without. For now.

It also meant that I had to manually post the 25-or-so posts that I had created since 2018. This caused all 3 people who subscribe to the newsletter version of this site were emailed all of these posts since I didn’t know how to turn that off. It’s a good thing I haven’t been prolific.

But that’s it. Other than listening to music — how the hell did all of this good music all of the sudden pop up out of nowhere?? — nothing much more has been going on here.