Database Hel(l)p?

Ugh. I’ll repeat… ugh.

Back in 2018 I had to delete and reboot WordPress, and in the process I lost all of my posts I had here. Some of these posts date back to 1999. So that’s a lot of history up in the air and up to the whims of the Wayback Machine Archive.

This weekend I figured out where all of the posts were backed up to, but in trying to figure out a simple solution of copying the contents of one table in pasting them into another, I instead kept coming up with the 1062 duplicate entry error.

So it looks like I’ll be creating a new WordPress database, importing the old posts and other content tables from the old database and manually inputting the newer posts. Fortunately there are less than 30 new posts here, so it won’t be too bad.

Unless someone has any alternative methods to make this an easier process.

Ugh. I remember when I just manually updated the html for every time I wanted to post. Things were much simpler then.

Anyhow, this is my excuse for if this page it down for a significant amount of time. Oh, look at me pretending people actually come to this page. Silly me. Nevermind.