Back in the Day…

10 years ago, a bunch of us Angelenos got together and helped make LAist the best fucking blog about all things Los Angeles. Fate and destiny brought us together, but the work and fun we all had helped forge our relationships despite never being in the same room together.

Back then our editor and lordship Tony Pierce would host bbqs where we would finally see each other face to face and have a great time. All of us oldies decided to get back together yesterday, and it honestly felt like being transported 10 years ago. Seeing and catching up with the folks made me wonder if we all got together on a project just how much fun it would be.

Thanks to Tony who planned this, hosted this and even bought the Trump pinata. There were tons of hot dogs, I brought a Hello Kitty ice cream cake and Madd brought a platter of watermelon. We finally went out to beat on the Trump, and what started looking like this:

Donald Trump Pinata

ended with a tragic accident:

President Pinata

Madd and I ended by getting some sweet tea in her ‘hood and talking for another couple of hours. It was a good day.