Fourth Time’s the Charm?

Starting Monday, and nearly 10 years after I first interviewed at some YouTube knockoff, I am once again an official Hulu employee. I guess you can come back home.

Like the last two times I returned to Hulu, I started this tenure as a contractor back in April . Unlike those times I wasn’t disgruntled. Part of that has to do with not having the stress of The Grandmother looming over me. Also, I’m not moonlighting as a sportswriter. Oh, and the fact I can Metro it to work and not have to sit through over an hour of traffic helps the psyche a lot.

I’ll just say it’s nice having steady income again and not have to worry about paying bills. Working at the Korean place the last time was just the pits having to juggle bills and all that nonsense.

And just to add to the excitement, my sex toys I ordered from Fort Troff came in! A vibrating dong, buttplug and magnetic nipple tuggers!!!

Next thing you tell me I won the lottery.